Mikeil Renthove

A formerly Cygnaran Warcaster with a knack and obsession with experimental technology


Mikeil Renthove


Male Gifted Human
Warcaster, Arcane Mechanik, and Duelist
Heroic (40xp)
Small Base
Init 15; Command Range 6



DEF 14
ARM 14
Damage Capacity 15
Power Field 6
Willpower 10
Immunity Electricity


Movement 6

Hand Cannon w/Bayonet 12/60 8 7 12 6 -
Any character handling an activated storm chamber suffers a POW 12 electrical damage roll
While this weapon has power, attacks with it ignore spell effects that add to the target’s DEF and ARM.
While this weapon has a warcaster bonded to it and has power, the warcaster can boost attack and damage rolls with the weapon and make extra attacks with it.
Dual Hand Cannon 12/60 8 or 6 - 12 or 15 - - or 3
Any character handling an activated storm chamber suffers a POW 12 electrical damage roll
Discharging both barrels together is treated as a single attack, the weapon suffers -2 on the attack roll. If the attack hits, add +3 to the damage roll.
While the weapon has power, the character wielding it can attack with the weapon normally or can give the weapon AOE 3.
While this weapon has a warcaster bonded to it and has power, the warcaster can boost attack and damage rolls with the weapon and make extra attacks with it.
Orgoth Staff - - 4 - 7 -
This is a Reach Weapon.
This is a Magic Weapon
This weapon must be used two handed.
A Character can spend 1 feat point to make a trip attack instead of a normal attack with this weapon. If the attack hits, the target is knocked down instead of suffering damage.
On a critical hit, a living target hit has a chance to be knocked out by the attack. If the target suffers damage from the attack, he must make a Willpower roll against a target number equal to the attacking character’s STR + 9. If the target succeeds, he stays conscious. If he fails, he is knocked out.
Spells (Arcane Tradition: Focuser) COST RNG AOE POW UP OFF
Arcane Bolt 2 10 - 12 NO YES
A steamjack damaged by this attack becomes stationary for one round.
Boundless Charge 2 6 - 12 NO NO
During his turn, target character can charge without spending focus or being forced and gains +2 movement and Pathfinder when it charges. Boundless Charge lasts for one round.
Convection 2 10 - 12 NO YES
When Convection destroys a living character, You can allocate 1 focus point to a steamjack in the spellcaster’s battlegroup that is in his control area.
Polarity Shield 2 6 - - YES NO
Target character cannot be targeted by a charge made by a character in his front arc.
Snipe 2 6 - - YES NO
Target character’s ranged weapons gain +4 RNG.
Spell Ward Orgoth Staff 2 SELF - - NO NO
The spellcaster cannot be targeted by spells. Spell Ward lasts for one round.

Abilities, Skills & Equipment

Arcane Engineer, Bond x3, Gunfighter, Inscribe Formulae, Magic Sensitivity, Perry, Quick Cast, Repose

Military Skills
Hand Weapon 6, Pistol 7

Occupational Skills
Command 1+, Craft (Glassworking) 7, Craft (Gunsmithing) 7, Craft (Metalworking) 7, Cryptography 7, Detection 6, Jumping 7, Lore (Mechanika) 7, Mechanikal Engineering 7, Negotiation 2+, Research 7

Cygnaran (True), Ordic

Mechanikal Hand Cannon w/Bayonet, Mechanikal Dual Hand Cannon, Orgoth Staff, Mechanikal Headlamp, Heavy Warcaster Storm Knight Armor, Watch w/Cyriss Insignia, Rune Etching Kit, Mechanik’s Tool Kit, Goggles.

Wealth 2 Trade Bars, 44 Galleons (Not on my person)

Change Log

Nov 15th: Added Level and Experience, Modified Mechanikal Hand Cannon Runeplate.
Nov 18th: Updated Experience
Nov 19th: Updated Wealth
Nov 23rd: Updated Experience ( +1 SPD ), Wealth, added more info on Items.
Nov 26th: Figured out how to effectively use tables.
Nov 27th: Found Art Source
Nov 30th: Updated Experience ( +2 Lore Mechanika ) and wealth.


Prior to the Campaign

Born to a family of Low Cygnaran Nobles, Mikeil’s gift for the arcane arts was discovered at a young age. Hoping to gain notoriety and honor for his title, Mikeil’s Father, Lord Faerris Renthove sent his son to the Strategic Academy in Caspia when his son was only eight. While at the Academy no-one denied that Mikeil had a strong aptitude for Mechaniks, the boy built a half-jack before he was fifteen. Unfortunately the jack’s cortex had be stolen from one of the training steamjacks, and the little jack destroyed the better half of the school’s workshop trying to adjust to its new body. Mikeil showed promise as a caster as well, scoring top marks in most of his classes, but the Professors grew weary of the boy as he tore through the materiel so quickly, and knowing that it was in his free time the Mikeil was most destructive. A few of the Professors even compared his creations and intelligence Sebastian Nemo, but feared his unruliness would lead to him hurting himself or others and thus he was prohibited from building unless supervised at the academy. It was during this time that Mikeil started to seek out other places where he could pursue his Mechanikal whims and follies and he found the Cult of Cyriss. He fell in love with the Clockwork Goddess and her followers, people who understood that inspiration and divinity are one in the same being, but his freedom was short lived. The Academy hadn’t ever had to worry of Mikeil being out in the city as he had in the past spent his time buried in Mechaniks, but fearing his escapades would endanger the city they assigned him a retired stormblade Darion as a chaperone, and barred him from leaving the campus without specified permission. This continued until Mikeil turned seventeen and was assigned what was to be his first field assessment of many, but would turn out the be the start of his freedom.

Personality & Description

Slightly eccentric, Mikeil was raised with a classic education, and was born with a naturally gifted mind in more then one sense. Any other person might have curbed their appetite for creation under the weight of the Strategic Academy, but Mikeil’s passion for Mechaniks has gotten him in trouble on multiple occasions. The young man has yet to be able to fully sate his creative drive, but has long filled a workbook filled with sketches and ideas for experimental technologies he plans to build given the chance.

Mikeil Renthove

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