Graff Almson


Currently working as a cook for the Caspian arcane mechaniks working in the Cygnaran Armories, Graff doubles as a secret agent for Magnus. His people will often bring reports of new Cygnaran technologies, developments and advancements.

He originally began his culinary career in 554 AR where he traveled all about Cygnar, Ord, Llael, Khador, the Protectorate, and even parts of Rhul. He is capable of preparing nearly any kind of dish. Before Khador began their major incursions in to Cygnar, he often cooked for troops at Northguard, and other border fortresses. Of course as losses were incurred, the army decided that gourmet food was second to bullets where money was concerned. Although Cygnar did not forget his service. He was given the job of overseeing feeding the arcane mechaniks and their trainees at the Strategic Academy. Although he is not and incorruptible man. Magnus offered him a rather substantial amount to spy for him, and may or may not have placed sleeper agents in his staff. In any case, he now works for Magnus under the table while doing his job as a cook for the Strategic Academy.

Our heroes have been told by Magnus to go to Caspia, and find him to learn of the next step in their journey.

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Graff Almson

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