Derick Dickest


Derick Dickest

xp 42
Male Gobber thief, spy, and pirate (intellectual)
Small Base
Init 15; Command Range 9


Def 17
Arm 9
Damage Capacity 15
Willpower 8


Movement 6
Ranged Knife, throwing (Rng 48/8, Rat 6, Pow 5)

Melee Springblade (Mat 6, P+S 4)
Melee Springblade (corruption / light) (Mat 6, P+S 4)


Phy 4
Spd 7
Str 4
Agi 5
Prw 4
Poi 5
Int 4
Arc -
Per 4



Sailing: ?
Bribery: ?
Escape Artist: 7
Detection: 7
Sneak: 7
Command: ?
Lock Picking: 7
Pickpocket: 7
Climbing: 7
Streetwise: 6
Deception: ?
Intimidate: 7

negotiation 2

Military Skills

Hand Weapon: 6
Thrown: 7
h4. Your title here…

Occupational Skills



bottle, glass
case, map scroll
Forge Identity Paper
Thief Tools
Smoke Grenades
Belt Pouch
Cloak waterproof
Symbol of faith
Blacksmith things


My name is derric I was born in the town of Sul in the protecteret of menoth. I spent my early years with my loving parent Moros and Shelan. but all was not well in sul, The religious allegarcy had a firm grip on the country, its people and the day to day activities of its people.

While my Grandparents where very religious my parents where largely not religious. As a result they showed a growing and largely vocal distaste of the intrusion into their lives. They had many enemies and where ostragsied by their parents as well as by the people around them. This growing tension came to as crashendnodo when I was three. My father was walking home from work when he was jumped by a mob of religious zealots. they began to push him around and kick him telling him that he needs to believe. when he told them that they could not make him believe, they beat him savagely. He only survived by pure luck. after this indecent they decided it was time to leave Sul

Shortly after they began planning for their escape. two months later they had packed their things, said their goodbyes to their few friends, and with their forged papers in hand set out. Accompanied by my fathers best friend and my defacto uncle mike they approached the border into Caspia. What was meant to be a easy pass over the border went horribly wrong.

While the border guards where checking their cart one of the guards found their real papers. there was a scuffle and my parents and my uncle where able to get away. But my father had to kill a guard, and to make matters worse I was grabbed by a guard. With my mother screaming and my uncle holding her back they road on. I later found out that my father knew that if they stopped, now labeled as enemies of the state and heretics we would all be taken to the jail and killed. But that if they kept going I would be put in a orphanage and have at the very least a chance at life.

Like my father thought I was put in an orphanage, but after two years I ran away. I survived by stealing and scamming at first I was not proud of my life, but I came to see it as a way of life. Over time I developed a new way of making money; I became a spy. People would pay me for info, which I could easily get because no one pays attention to the little Gobber kid in the corner. After several years years of this life I had the money to get a forged identity and cross the border. I took me a year of searching to find my family, and when I did only my uncle was left. He told me that not long after arriving in Caspia he fell in with a group of people who where of the idea that all gods are fake and that hey are just created as grand illusions by people seeking power and wealth. It seems this belief did not go any better in Caspia they it would have in Sul because about six months after I had arrived in Caspia him my mother and all the families of the men who believed this where massacred. In total about 20 people.

I moved in with my father after this, it was nice to have a home again and some family to love me and care about me. But as they say, “what is loved is quickly lost.” After only six months of living with my uncle he was murdered by a general who had a grudge against him.

It was horrible, I was in the back room when it happened. There was a knock at the door late at night. When my uncle answered it the general and his men pushed into the room. They tied him up and shot him through the skull. after the deed was done the general said, “torch the place.” if there was not a windows in the back room I would not have made it out alive.

After this indecent I knew I needed to get out of Caspia. A week later I enlisted to serve on a Pirate ship through a friend and set out for a new life, and a new start.

Derick Dickest

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