Asheth Magnus


Don’t fuck with him. Seriously, don’t.


Magnus was one of Vinter Raelthorne’s top generals, before Vinter was deposed and exiled from Cygnar. He is currently hiding with the Steelheads in Berck.

The ware criminal called “the Traitor” is among the most wanted men in the known world. Magnus wages his personal war against Cygnar while on the run, financing his vengeance with coin from employers who appreciate the exquisite brutality of an outcast warcaster with a score to settle.

Years ago Asheth Magnus was privileged to serve King vinter Raelthorne IV as a commander in Cygnar’s army. In those days he was revered for his mechanikal aptitude and feared for his ferocity in battle. Though Magnus was kknown to sacrifice troops to ensure victory, Vinter cared little: life was cheap, while warjacks were not. His methods found him favor with Vinter, and his unquestioning service conferred lxuries generally afforded only to nobility. While Magnus took full advantage of his rewards, he remained resolute in his singular desire to honor king and country.

Magnus is inarguably a man of conviction, but what he calls patriotism others have labeled a simple lust for power. Born of ignoble blood, Magnus holds no hope of occupying an official seat of power—but for someone who cannot be king, the next best place is at the king’s right hand.

After usurping his brother’s throne, King Leto Raelthorne sought to heal his country’s wounds by extending pardons and military commissions to officers who had been loyal to Vinter. Magnus refused his offer and instead led loyal remants of the Royal Knights of Cygnar in a bloody guerilla war. This campaign of random skirmishes was in actuality a cover for Magnus’ true agenda, a long-tailed gambit with world-changing stakes.

In Magnus’ eyes, Leto’s mercy is the new king’s greatest weakness. And his greatest mistake was to spare Vinter’s life. This was the chink in his armor, the oversight Magnus would exploit to realize his ultimate ambition: the restoration of Vinter to Cygnar’s throne.

(source: Mercenaries book pg. 38)

Asheth Magnus

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