The Weight of the World is on Her Shoulders

Mikeil Renthove - Meeting Magnus and the Workshop

Gorim 4th, Octesh, 607 AR

The past months have passed by with out my care, Snow turned to flowers without me seeing it. After arriving in Berck almost six months to the date, the Steelheads turned me to Magnus. The man was as impressive as I had seen him the previous year, he carried himself regally, but held his abrasive tone. He told me little of his plans, but said that I may be of use to him as a tool against Cygnar in a few months time. Magnus then gave me directions to where I would be staying for the coming months, and a place where I could pursue my passions without the Academy holding me back.

The Steelhead Mechaniks’ Garage was an impressive sight, cranes, ’jacks, a dozen work stations, and a massive steam turbine against the far wall to power it all, it felt like the academy, but less clean, and less like a prison. The place had all the raw metal you could ever find use for, plates, blocks, bolts, rivets, nuts, heck, with the help of a former storm chaser I even got enough materials together to build a couple of storm chambers.

After settling in at station five, I tore into my armor to retrofit it with the caster plates I scribed on the train here. It’s a little more bulky without the compensating runes, but I can’t help but feel that the protection field will be invaluable in the future. After finishing my armor I pulled out the cortex I had picked up in Merin, cost me a small fortune, but with any luck I’ll have the chassis finished in about a weeks time. I finished the unique boiler last month, steams the water with electricity rather then coal, gives a nasty jolt if you try to refill in without insulated gear, but the ’jack should leave just a less noticeable vapor trail rather then all the smoke a soot.



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