The Weight of the World is on Her Shoulders

Derric Dickest - The master plan from the master planer.

The Master Plan:

instructions to scramble the egg

Step 1:
Acquire transplant basket to work as both base of operation and as hiding spot for the “egg” after it flies the nest.

Step 2a:
Scout the nest. ; determine all entrances, exits, and windows. Determine guard schedule.

Step 2b:
Scout Mommy and determine when she is in the coop and when she is out playing.

Step 3:
Use the worm to search inside the coup and find placement of “egg”.

Step 4:
Take “egg” to keep it warm:
leave pigeon symbol so they wont know who is keeping it warm

Step 4:
Bring the “egg” to the transplant basket while it warm.
If you could not get the egg out clean skip to Step 6

Step 5:
Wait for the “egg” to cool down.
skip step 6

Step 6:
Run to the fox
skip step 7 / 8

Step 7:
Drive the Egg across the kitchen

Step 8:
Meet up with the fox in the high den

Step 9:
Go to The living room and deliver the egg



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