The Iron Kingdoms are four nations torn by a nearly perpetual state of war, and on the brink of an industrial revolution. Those nations are Khador, Cygnar, Llael, and Ord. On the battlefield of Western Immoren, magic is as prevalent as flesh and steel. The defining feature of war is the warcaster and warjack. Warcasters are not only powerful mages, but also skilled warriors, also only they can control the hulking, smoke-belching monstrosities that are warjacks. Armed with man-sized melee weapons, and heavy artillery, these steam-powered automatons thunder across the battlefield wreaking destruction on their enemies.

Our story begins with a young warcaster named Mikeil. Fearing destruction on a far larger scale than a small mechanik's shop stemming from his tinkering, the Cygnaran Strategic Academy assigned him a veteran stormblade as a chaperon. The restrictions placed on him frustrated the young Mikeil. The old fools who held authority in the academy couldn't see a wrench from their asshole in his mind. He soon found the cult of Cyriss, the clockwork godess, and realized that inspiration and divinity were one and the same. After receiving, and completing his first assignment he was promptly contacted by Magnus the Traitor, who killed Mikeil's stormblade companion effortlessly, and merely said "I have been watching you for a long time. Contact me if you want some real work." Rather than checking back with his superiors Mikeil decided to fake his own death, and set off to find Magnus, a man that could clearly harbor, and foster, Mikeil's natural knack for mechanika.

“Nine years it has been since I was exiled from my homeland.

Nine years the usurper has violated my crown, my throne, my kingdom.

Nine years my subjects have had to forget the old ways…

Nine years is long enough.

When I make my return to Cygnar, the very stones will cry out for mercy."

– Vinter Raelthorne IV


Since the map in the new IK book is lacking information in many areas, we draw political boundaries from it, and geographical/topographical information from this one. We also have a great virtual character sheet now.

The Weight of the World is on Her Shoulders

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